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” Out of Town” RRP £20.00 . Packed with over 80 full colour strip cartoons by Field Oliver Preston, OUT of TOWN lifts the lid on life on all matters countryside. 96 pages, hardback. ISBN-13: 978-0954993627 Product Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 1.3 cm OUT of TOWN is a compilation of over 80 strip cartoons about life ‘out in the sticks’, and delightfully exposes the idiosyncracies of modern day country life. There is an abundance of shooting and fishing and hunting and racing, of drinking and eating, of gardening and shopping. Each perfectly observed cartoon unravels how detached dukes and rustic residents, weekend commuters and feckless farmers all live side by side in apparent harmony. Oliver Preston’s keen eye for humour and delightful drawings provide a hilarious insight into how they all get on.

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