Political Playing Cards 2015 From Oliver Preston

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Pair of Political Playing Cards 2015 –  The twin packs make a perfect present for Bridge, and card players.  Play your cards right and you could form a Government! Two packs of Traditional playing cards (one blue backed one, one red backed with Houses of Parliament forming a pair ) produced for Beverston Press. Picture Cards display politicians from the three main parties and the media. Includes three jokers The cards feature the following politicians: *SPADES*, David Cameron, ACE, George Osborne, KING, Theresa May, QUEEN, Boris Johnson, KNAVE, *HEARTS*, Ed Miliband, ACE, Ed Balls, KING, Yvette Cooper, QUEEN, Douglas Alexander, KNAVE, *DIAMONDS*, Nick Clegg, ACE,Vince Cable, KING,Jo Swinson, QUEEN,Danny Alexander, KNAVE, *CLUBS*, Andrew Marr, ACE,Adam Boulton, KING, Emily Maitlis, QUEEN, Nick Robinson, KNAVE, *JOKERS*: Nigel Farage, Nathalie Bennett, Alex Salmond.

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1 review for Political Playing Cards 2015 From Oliver Preston

  1. Tom Garrigan

    Wonderful set of cards and great timing with the election this year. Thanks Oliver

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