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  • Another Log on The Fire


    Another Log on The Fire

    A new compendium of Oliver Preston’s hilarious cartoons from The Field Magazine and elsewhere, and features his wry observations on dogs and drink, grandparents, children, gardening and country sports, and town and country life.

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  • How to be Asked again


    How to be Asked again

    “How to be Asked again” A step-by-step guide to modern shooting etiquette stuffed full of amusing quotes and anecdotes. How to be Asked Again instructs the Gun on how to be the perfect guest out shooting. Inspired by the fact that so many more people are taking up shooting as adults, it encapsulates everything you need to know but no one will ever tell you out shooting as ‘you are just expected to know’. The books covers in a logical way what happens: From the moment you receive the shooting invitation, to arriving at the shoot, shooting safely and courteously, what never to say and how to tip the keeper. Much of this information comes from beaters, keepers, flankers, pickers up, shoot organisers, shoot owners and grouse moor owning earls and dukes. Hilarious cartoons by Oliver Preston, cartoonist for The Field Magazine, makes this a very entertaining book on shooting, the perfect gift for any shooting man or woman, either novice shot or experienced Gun. Hardback, 224pp, 246mm x 189mm. ISBN 9781846890574 Price £20.00 +p&p

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  • Lively Limericks


    Lively Limericks

    A great present for fathers, brothers and friends with a wicked sense of humour! Lively Limericks is a collection of amusing and risqué limericks compiled and written by Patrick Holden, and illustrated by cartoonists Oliver Preston, and Bill Stott. Limericks first appeared in England in the early part of the 18th Century, and were popularized by Edward Lear in his Book of Nonsense. Patrick Holden is an avid collector of Limerick verse and this selection contains many classic limericks and updated favourites –many are cheeky and rude, and not for the easily offended ! But perfect reading material for the loo or cloakroom.
    A Limericist writes:
    The limerick packs laughs anatomical
Into space that is quite economical.
    But the good ones I’ve seen
    So seldom are clean

    And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

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  • Sale!




    ” Out of Town” RRP £20.00 . Packed with over 80 full colour strip cartoons by Field Oliver Preston, OUT of TOWN lifts the lid on life on all matters countryside. 96 pages, hardback. ISBN-13: 978-0954993627 Product Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 1.3 cm OUT of TOWN is a compilation of over 80 strip cartoons about life ‘out in the sticks’, and delightfully exposes the idiosyncracies of modern day country life. There is an abundance of shooting and fishing and hunting and racing, of drinking and eating, of gardening and shopping. Each perfectly observed cartoon unravels how detached dukes and rustic residents, weekend commuters and feckless farmers all live side by side in apparent harmony. Oliver Preston’s keen eye for humour and delightful drawings provide a hilarious insight into how they all get on.

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  • Shall We Join The Men?


    Shall We Join The Men?

    Hardback. (Beverston Press, 2005). Ten years of Oliver Preston’s cartoons from The Field Magazine and elsewhere, featuring 96 pages of colour and black and white cartoons. From forays into field sports to a taste for the macabre, with a lavish helping of languid pretty girls and doting dogs, the book is a delightful cocktail of wit and graceful cartoons. The perfect present for men and women.

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  • The Imperfect Shot


    The Imperfect Shot

    The Imperfect Shot 
    Shooting Tales, Gaffes and Excuses… 
    Oliver illustrates Jeremy Hobson’s wonderful book with stories of light-hearted errors and the ill-judgement of those who have experienced minor faux-pas and misdemeanours on the shooting field – and also glorifies those who have got the better of a particular situation! Why did I say that?; Why did I do that?; Why did my dog do that?; Why didn’t I think about the weather?; What was I thinking? are all questions one might ask oneself the evening after! Fortunately, you are not alone in your worries! Lavishly illustrated with Oliver’s cartoons it is the perfect present for shooting types. 
    Hardback pp150 CODE: TIPS 

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  • Hitting the Slopes


    Hitting the Slopes

    Hardback. (Beverston Press, 2008). Oliver Preston’s last book, the successful ‘Shall we Join the Men?’, was a collection of his burlesque cartoons on field sports, published in The Field Magazine. Preston has now turned his wry observations towards winter sports. HITTING THE SLOPES features 96 pages of colour and black and white cartoons. Meribel, Val D’Isere, Gstaad, Courchevel, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Deer Valley, Aspen, Verbier all feature in the lavish colour cartoons. Whether you are a beginner, piste perfectionist, or mountain restaurant gourmet you will delight in these drawings that depict the endearing lunacy of skiers and resort life. Up the mountain, down the piste, and a lavish helping of apres-ski : the stylish cartoons give everyone a chance to laugh at themselves and this popular sport. £20.00 + p&p

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    “FONDUE AND FURS”lifts the lid on skiing in the Swiss Alps with this witty new book that satirises the famous and exclusive alpine resort of Gstaad, where fur coated and feisty, the jet set balance the finer art of shopping with skiing, and trill to Gstaad’s social mores. They ski hard during the day, and play hard every night, and enjoy a cocktail of fondues and raclettes, of exclusive clubs and chalet hopping. Hardback, with 96 pages of full colour cartoons. £20.00 + p&p.

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    “OFF PISTE” is the latest collection of Oliver Preston’s latest cartoons satirising the exclusive Swiss ski resort of  Gstaad which lives up to its reputation as one of the top ski resorts in the world, and a playground for the international jet set. This collection of cartoons is a fascinating insight into Gstaad life, with cartoons that will make you laugh out loud.
    “The Gstaad valley’s most irreverent eye”
    Vogue Italia
    “For us old timers in Gstaad, Oliver Preston’s humour really captures the essence of the village.”
    Taki Theodoracopulos

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  • Raise Your Game


    Raise Your Game

    Sports writer Ian Valentine and celebrated cartoonist Oliver Preston have teamed up to present an essential accompaniment to sport. Whether you’re an occasional spectator who’d like to know more; or a seasoned tragic who adores sport’s unique patter; then Raise Your Game will be a fun and illuminating read. Filled with useful explanations, fascinating lingo and Oliver’s priceless observations, this is the perfect gift for touchline mums, diehard fans and sports-mad teenagers alike.
    Key Features
    More than 30 sports explained, from rugby and cricket to sumo wrestling and snowboarding
    Celebration of sport’s rich language – full of colourful slang to use and impress
    Hilarious cartoons by Oliver Preston
    Special sections for Summer and Winter Olympics
    Written by well-known author Ian Valentine, whose previous books include Out for a Duck
    Perfect gift for all sports fans

    Hardback   pp290    CODE: RYG

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    “RICH PICKINGS” is a new anthology of Oliver Preston’s latest cartoons from The Field Magazine and elsewhere, and features his witty cartoons on dogs and drink, grandparents, children, gardening and country sports, and town and country life. Hardback with 96 pages of full colour cartoons. A must for those who love his keen eye for social observation, wonderful drawings and witty humour, and a superb present for birthdays and house gifts. Available for £20.00 + p&p. “Oliver’s cartoons bring a smile to my face no matter how often I look at them. The themes are as achingly funny as the drawings are exquisite.” Jilly Cooper. THE PERFECT PRESENT…

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    The Dictionary of Posh serves as an essential guide to the (ab)use of many English words by the decidedly up-market and the resultant and endangered language they speak: Posh.This is a right royal comedy of errors. Hidden within normal English is a separate language still spoken by those born with silver spoons in their mouths. It s called Posh. A word of English can be spelt the same but mean something completely different in Posh. If you say the word Mention in English, people will understand Remark upon ; but in Posh this means a large house. Say Ace and speakers of Posh will think you are referring to a cold thing one s butler puts in a G&T.This book will help you learn Posh, often with side-splitting consequences.To aid rapid mastery, helpful examples of the various words in the dictionary are given in context.These helpful examples collectively add up to a story within the dictionary – the Fall and Rise of the Pails-Hurtingseaux Family – the sorry saga of riches, ruin and redemption that this book really is. 
    Illustrated by Oliver Preston
                      Perfect gift for christmas
    Hardback   pp112    CODE: POSH

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