The Imperfect Shot

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The Imperfect Shot 
Shooting Tales, Gaffes and Excuses… 
Oliver illustrates Jeremy Hobson’s wonderful book with stories of light-hearted errors and the ill-judgement of those who have experienced minor faux-pas and misdemeanours on the shooting field – and also glorifies those who have got the better of a particular situation! Why did I say that?; Why did I do that?; Why did my dog do that?; Why didn’t I think about the weather?; What was I thinking? are all questions one might ask oneself the evening after! Fortunately, you are not alone in your worries! Lavishly illustrated with Oliver’s cartoons it is the perfect present for shooting types. 
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1 review for The Imperfect Shot

  1. James K

    A great gift for a shooting weekend for someone who has everything. Certainly gave us lots of laughs over the weekend. Hope I’ll be invited again!

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